Organ Donation

Organ donation is the process of a person donating their organs for transplant. These are given to someone with life threateningly damaged organs that need to be replaced. By donating your organs after you die, you will help save and transform the lives of desperately ill people.

Due to the major health risk factors that can lead to kidney disease and due to an ageing population the number of people needing a transplant is expected to drastically increase over the coming years.

With kidney being one of the most sensitive and in demand organ that needs to be transplanted widely all over the world we aim to specifically request kidney donations.

We will be targeting the BAME communities through community events and tailored seminar sessions. We aim to empower BAME groups to be more willing to donate and to get registered for organ donation.

We understand some religious and cultural concerns may deter people from donating organs, so here are religious views that you may want to consider according to your beliefs: