Anna Blukacz

Anna Blukacz arrived in the UK twenty-three years ago, only six months after her mother passing from complications after her second kidney transplant failure.

Like many of her fellow nationals, she started in the catering industry but very quickly moved into recruitment and subsequently qualified as a health and safety professional in 2006, which she's been concentrating on ever since.

She is also a business entrepreneur and her mission is to bring drive and encouragement to men and women around the world to make a better, younger and healthier version of themselves through education, self-awareness and access to innovative anti-ageing products and award-winning devices.

Her vision is to accelerate everyone’s personal mindfulness about taking care of themselves and to remain on the organ donation list to help other families, like hers, to enjoy lives with their loved ones for as long as it is possible.

Anna shares her story with us with inspitrational words:

''Many stories in the past were told from the patient's perspective, but still not enough is said how living with the transplant patient can affect your whole life, who you are as a person and the paths you may choose when you grow up.

Dialysis, transplant, kidney failure, biopsy, blood tests, hospitals, tears of hope and sorrows is what I was raised with. Struggles to understand why our lives are different from others were real as long as I remember. But above all, I grew up surrounded by love, kindness, sacrifice and everyday's hope.

Hope, that today's pain will be manageable, yesterday's suffering will be forgotten but tomorrow will be unforgettable! Tomorrow, we will finally be told: "We have a match! We have a donor! We are on out way to get you!". These words are what keeps every donor family going day after day. These words were the one that gave us the chance to enjoy extra eight incredible years together with my mother. For which we will always be grateful to the family who lost their son. Because their loss was our gain.

For the last twenty-three years, this hope is what kept me going and thinking about better tomorrow, about helping others in any way I can, through finding that first job to get by, helping them stay safe while they at work and now making them feel better from the inside and out.

But when my time to say goodbye comes I know, I am ready to give that same hope to other families who would have been on that waiting list wishing on a star, no matter where you are.

Be that Star! Become that Donor! Give someone a gift of life they've been waiting for!

"Anna Blukacz"